Alain Levy



Businessman, Alain Levy  is on the Fashions Business  scene for twenty years. The explication: his career of self-taught, his businesses resounding, his cheeky humor and his escapades.

His chasten molded his career. Alain Levy said that his military service was for him an opportunity to size up his potential.

Car salesman for a little while, he went in for a career in television’s sales. When he started, he did house-to-house.
Creative salesman, he won a little money and bought in 1987 the store which employed him.

Quickly, Alain Levy understands that buying companies in agony in order to resell it, after having dismantled or upraised he can generates profits. This strategy becomes his philosophy. He starts with a factory of jeans  “ Segio Valente”.

Alain Levy  wants to created a global leader on the market for jean's so he partnered with Francis zabouri  to buy NAF-NAF and sells it back in 1992 to the American businessman MAX AZZRIA , owner of max BCBG.

Alain Levy  is a big entrepreneur, a strength which allowed him to get different companies as Trillion, Testy or Mainframes. But the most famous case was Crown Realty  that own real-estate around Europe .

In July 1990, Alain Levy’s Group acquires Crown Realty, an investment of 26 million euro financed by SDBO, a subsidiary of Credit Lyonnais, which takes the opportunity to enter in the capital of Crown Realty.

 In 2006 the Levy group invest 5 millions euro in a new company called  best-sport-holding  ,representing and distributor of the brand Converse and Diesel .  the company join venture with Kenya Sport International Ltd   that operate converse franchise and multi-brand shops around Nairobi ,Uganda and Tanzania .

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